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Mission Statement

Peay United Inc. includes Public Housing Information Authority (PHIA), 

Apartment Hacker Living, and the Peay United Foundation. 

These organizations work in tandem to own, lease, and manage, quality affordable housing, 

provide reliable Executive Leadership Service for Housing Authorities, 

help individuals achieve financial freedom using Apartments Hacking, 

and Educate and Connect Housing Authority professionals.


Public Housing Information Authority 

  • The PHIA Meetup Podcast features interviews with industry experts
  • Tune in to hear how public housing colleagues are solving their most pressing housing issues and current challenges
  • PHIA is a space where networking among experienced public and redevelopment housing professionals can be fostered

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Apartment Hacker Living

  • Apartment Hacking, a term coined by the Peays, refers to the multifamily investment strategy of living in a property (with costs covered!) while renting out the rest.
  • We are passionate about utilizing Apartment Hacking to improve communities, provide affordable housing, and build financial freedom.

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Peay United Foundation

  • We educate families on how to reach financial freedom and build generational wealth using small footprint Multifamily Real Estate.
  • We aim to break the cycle of poverty by contributing to inner city Financial Literacy programs.
  • Focuses on teaching young people the skills for financial success. 

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Who We Serve

Clients include but are not limited to:

  • Individual and Families
  • New Real Estate Investors
  • Housing Authorities and Organizations
  • Landlords
  • Property Managers

  • Property Owners

  • Real Estate Organizations
  • Tenants
  • Young Professionals
  • Public Housing Authorities