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Private Landlord and Housing Authority Operations  Consulting

• Market Rate Housing

• Housing Choice Voucher Program ( Section 8)

Ideal for the private landlord who manages a relatively small portfolio (1-20 units) and needs assistance with streamlining their business practices, developing policies and procedures, and solving problems with residents.

The Housing Authority consult option is ideal for Public Housing Authority's in need of reliable and responsible leadership during the transition of an Operations Executive. We have experience serving in the following positions for a PHA:  Public Housing Director, Chief Operations Officer.

Private Landlord Rate:  Costs based on service deliverables. Please call us to discuss your needs

Public Housing Authority Rate:  Length of Contracts and Costs are based on deliverables. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Tenant Consulting

• Market Rate Housing Residents

• Housing Choice Voucher Participants( Section 8)

• Rental Assistance Demonstration Project Based Voucher Residents ( RAD-PBV)

Ideal for residents who need assistance establishing a good tenant relationship with their landlord, solving problems with their landlord, and understanding lease terms. We will also attend your move-in and move-out inspection with you to assure deficiencies are properly documented.

For Section Housing Choice Voucher and RAD PBV residents, we can help you navigate the Voucher program. This includes helping you submit Hearing Requests and Reasonable Accommodations.

Rate: $35.00 per hour (Section 8 Participants- Participation in the Program is verified before rendering service)

Rate: $45.00 per hour (Market Rate Residents)

Monthly Retainer Rates Available

Master Performance Lease Contracts

  • 4 unit building and up.

Ideal for the owner who is simply burned out with their property or would just rather not to manage their property BUT wants to continue to enjoy the benefits of owning rental real estate. We can reduce vacancy, maximize  your income, while you receive all the tax benefits. 


We will lease your building with a right to sublease to tenants. 

We will make the mortgage payments for you.

We will consider combining a lease/sub-lease sandwich with an Option in which a credit is given against the Option price for each payment.

Leases are generally one year with a 4 year renewal option.

Terms are development to fit the need of the owner and property. Please contact us for a free assessment.

Financial Freedom Housing Hacking Estate Investment Strategy Consult

Ideal for anyone looking to significantly reduce their housing costs, provide others quality affordable housing, and kick start their journey to financial freedom. During the consult we’ll learn more about your current state of affairs, your goals, and commitment level to reaching financial freedom. We know what it takes to be successful on this journey. This is not a get rich scheme. It takes work. We’ll tell you if you’re ready for the next step or you’ve got some pre-investment plan prep work to do.

Rate: $0.00 (Value: $100/hr)

Financial Freedom Housing Hacking Investment Plans

 Ideal for anyone ready to significantly reduce their housing costs, provide other quality affordable housing, kick start their journey to financial freedom, and build generational wealth. The Financial Freedom Housing Hacking Estate Investment Strategy Consult is required before signing up to have your Investment Plan developed.

Plans start at $150.00 (price is dependent on the state of current financial affairs)

Financial Freedom Accountability Partner

For our Financial Freedom House Hacking Investment Plan Clients only.

  • One- 40-minute Video Check in Meetings Per Month
  • Unlimited Texting
  • We'll be by your side to guide you thru challenges you'll face on this house hacking journey

Rate $100.00 per month