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So, Why a Newsletter?

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There is some truth behind the idea that people won’t readily invite you to the wealth building table. You don't know what you don't know, and people who do know won't necessarily share with you what they know. Compounding the issue, if you don't know then you don't know what, who or how to ask.

Most of what we’ve learned has required us to invite ourselves to tables where where we we didn't feel welcomed, hire top dollar professionals to teach us the strategies wealthy employ, spend countless hours reading the right books and listening to the right podcasts. Once we gained enough knowledge, our conversations changed, we began using the right lingo, we could produce and converse about investments and business financial statements, our relationships started to evolve and then people started to take us seriously. Now we are asked regularly to join in the conversations at wealth building table.

This quarterly newsletter is our Wealth Building Table. We invite you to have a seat at the table with us no matter where you are in your wealth building journey. There is seat for us all. We want everyone who desires to change the trajectory of their family’s financial picture and live an abundant life with maximum freedom of choice to join us at this Wealth Building Table. You are welcomed here - This newsletter is our collective table a place where will learn, share, grow, perhaps do business together, and inspire each other to continue pursuing our dreams with passion and vigor, while building wealth and enjoying a life of financial freedom.

For those who have built wealth and want to help others on the journey, you can contribute to our newsletter by emailing Marina at [email protected]

Each Wealth Building Table Edition 

Will Serve You the Following:

  1. Tax Tips
  2. Valuable Podcast Episodes
  3. Valuable Books We’re Reading & Book Giveaway- (We send a copy of our Book Selection to a randomly selected follower every quarter!)
  4. Highlights of Professionals We’re Working with (and contact information)
  5. Highlights of Entrepreneurs who are doing some amazing work. Let’s support business owners!
  6. Multifamily Apartment Purchasing Criteria
  7. Opportunity Corner – Work we are looking to receive quotes for

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